The Original Ranchers Credo 
“He Causes the grass to grow for the cattle, and vegetation for the labor of man, so that he may bring forth food from the earth” 
Psalms 104:14

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Our next Beef will be done in August 2024
All prices include the processing and local delivery. Within 50 miles of Glenrock, Wy is FREE. Anything past 50 miles is $2/miles for delivery.
Our starter pack. Perfect for a single person! Live in an apartment and don't have a big freezer? This bundle was made for you!


This is our most popular option. It will feed a small family for most of a year. 100LBs of Wyoming raised beef!


$199 Deposit
$800 Due At Delivery
This is not going to fit in your fridge/freezer! Going to need at least a medium sized freezer. 200LBs of great tasting beef!


$399 Deposit
$1450 Due At Delivery
Buy a Whole Cow! If your like me and have a big family and a big appetite, this is the way to go! 400LBs of family feed! You need a good sized freezer.


$799 Deposit
$2600 Due At Delivery

You can also Call/Text to Order
Quinn Hiser 307-259-9400
Breann Hiser 307-277-8109

How Does Buying Local Beef From The Rancher Work?

* First you submit your deposit for the amount of beef you want.

* We will contact you and tell you when you can expect your meat.

* When the processor is able and the beef are finished growing, we get them processed.

* Next, we will contact you again and set up your delivery date.

* Then we deliver your meat to your house.

* Last you enjoy eating your beef with your family and friends!

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It is truly a family thing!
There are many reasons to buy beef from us, but what are we actually doing all this for?
 The answer is simple, to keep the ranch and our way of life. To raise our kids the way we were raised because we believe it's worth passing down. We love ranching and raising cows.  We are daily out taking care of the animals and striving to make them the best they can be.  In order for us to be able to keep doing what we love, we have to be profitable.  Is it fair that middlemen buy our animals at a low price and then sell them to at a substantial mark up to the consumer?  Nope, buying direct from the rancher, you're not just buying beef, you're saving a way of life!
"wyoming Pasture raised beef!"
Hiser Beef comes from the Laramie Mountains outside of Glenrock Wyoming. We are the 4th generation on the ranch, along with my dad and my uncle.  Our beef graze open pastures all year long, with supplemental hay during the deep snow of winter.  They get no anti-biotic, Hormones, and No GMO products.
What "Wyoming Pasture Raised Beef" is All About:
Fact #1:  Naturally Finished Out on Pasture
Wyoming Pasture Raised Beef are Kept in open pastures. They get to move around the pasture and choose the forage they would like to eat. When they get a deficiency in a nutrient they are able to seek out a plant that's high in what they need to balance out their own diet.
Fact #2: Higher in Nutrients, And Lower in Fat
Wyoming Pasture Raised beef has higher amounts of B vitamins, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega 3s, and is also rich in other antioxidants.

They also have less saturated fats. Cattle that are finished in feed lots are fed large amounts of corn and soybean. The animals readily convert that into high amounts of lipids or fat. We all know that's not healthy for a human body.
Fact #3: No Glyphosate/non-GMO
Most of the corn or soybeans fed to finish beef is grown in Round-up sprayed fields. Glyphosate the active ingredient in Round-up kills all the weeds and not the round-up ready crop. The Glyphosate residue is then absorbed through the roots of the plants. When the cattle are fed high amounts of GMO feed, they accumulate Glyphosate in their meat. I'm just a rancher but feeding my kids weed killer does not sound like a good idea!
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